Ultimate 200 + Twitter Tools to make your Tweets Easier!


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), so with 200 + Twitter Tools listed below, you will sure to find something useful. Check out the Ultimate 200 + Twitter Tools to make your Tweets Easier!

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Ultimate 200 + Twitter Tools to make your Tweets Easier!


Quakk - Very attractive Windows Mobile Twitter application.

Twidroid - Full-featured twitter client for android mobile phones.

TwitToday - Free Windows Mobile 5+ Pocket PC/Professional Twitter widget for posting Twitter updates from the Today screen.

TwitterBerry - Twitter client for BlackBerry.

PockeTwit - A twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform

GPS Twit - Application for iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Twittelator - Lets you take Twitter with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Jargong - Allows you to update and receive tweets, support Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Hahlo - Twitter client designed specifically for iPhones and/or iPod Touches.

PocketTweets - Another twitter client for iPhones and/or iPod Touches.

Jibjib - Twitter client for any Java-enabled mobile phone.

Mobypicture - A service to post to your Tweets through your mobile phone.

ceTwit - Twitter client for Windows Mobile.

TwitterFone - Update Twitter from your mobile phones.

MobileTwitterrific - iPhone application for using Twitter.

Twobile - A new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket.

Tiny Twitter - Java enabled device (that's a bunch & includes the CrackBerry) and Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.

MoTwit - Update Twitter from your Palm OS smartphone or Palm OS PDA or Treo.

Twitteresce - Access your twitter feed using your Java J2ME enabled mobile phone.

iTweet2 - A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.

WidSets - Update your friends over the mobile without having to send an SMS.

Fring - Another twitter client for iPhones and/or iPod Touches.

Abiro Jitter - Easy-to-use and fully-featured (Java Twitter) Twitter client for mobile phones.

Twibble - Twitter client application for the Nokia N95.

jTwitter - Allows you to enter twitter updates using your phone without having to send SMS.

Twobile - Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs

GetMobio - Twitter (for Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Java-enabled phones)

PocketTweetsWeb-based Twitter client for the Apple iPhone.

ThinCloud - Twitter for iPhone you’ll need an iPhone.

Twitsay - Get voice mail messages from your Twitter page.

Twitter Mobile - The mobile version of Twitter

Twitter2Go - WAP or xHTML-MP interface that works on Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, and almost any other mobile phone or PDA device.

Twitter Answers - Enables you to Tweet answers and get responses. Like Yahoo Answers for Twitter.

Twitterpation - An iPhone application that lets you record mixed voice-and-text Tweets.

Blackbird - Twitter client for BlackBerry smartphones.

PockeTwit - A twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform

Firefox Add-ons:-

Shareaholic - Easy and quick way to post URLs to Twitter from within your browser.

Mahalo Share - Allows you to easily share and recommend links across 11 different services.

TwitterKeys - Enhance your Twitter conversations with fun html characters using this awesome tool!

TwitterFox - Notifies you of your friends statuses of Twitter.

Twitzer - Lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter.com. It also resolves TinyURL links to actual links.

TwitterBar - Post to Twitter from your address bar.

FireStatus - Dealing with various social networks, right from your browser, without visiting any particular website. Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed.

Twitbin - Send and receive twitter messages from anywhere on the web.

TwitKit - Twitter sidebar for Firefox. TwitKit has a 6-section interface, using tabs to separate content.

DashBlog - Lets you grab videos on any webpage and quickly post them to your blog.

TwittyTunes - Allows to post your currently playing songs to Twitter with a click.

Ludicrous - Post Updates to Twitter right from your Firefox Search Bar.

Twitter Line - Displays your time line in Twitter as like a head line.

TwitterLights - Highlight internet snippets and Tweet them.

SamePlace - Instant Messenger for Twitter in your browser sidebar.

Chirrp - Record an eight second audio file, Twitter on the mic.

Desktops (Mac/Linux/Windows):-

Witty - Open source Twitter client for Windows Vista and XP

Feedalizr - Bring Twitter to your desktop; share, read, interact.

Flock Browser - View your Twitter friends, update your status & reply to tweets.

gTwitter - Linux client for reading & posting to Twitter.

TeleTwitter - Twitter client for Windows, with the simplicity and beauty of it's web 2.0 namesake.

Pwytter - Standalone Twitter GUI client written in Python / tkInter for Windows, Mac and Linux

Twitter4J - Twitter client for Windows or any flavor of Unix that supports Java.

Twitch - A desktop Twitter client with a clean interface.

Twittershare - This desktop/web application also allows you to post pictures on Twitter. Works on Mac as well.

MadTwitter - A clone of Twitterrific for Mac; a Windows application that lets you read tweets written by your friends & publish your own.

OuTwit - Update your Twitter status & follow your friends from Windows Outlook.

twhirl - Social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform.

Twitterrific - A Mac application that lets you both read & publish posts or tweets to the Twitter.

Twitux - GTK+ Twitter client.

KickTweet - Simple KDE Kicker applet for interacting with Twitter.

BigTweet - A bookmarklet that helps you post to Twitter!

Mitter - Client for Twitter. Currently, you can use it on Linux, Windows and OS X (running PyGTK) and on a console/terminal.

Vim Twitter - A simple client for Twitter

TikiTwit - Updates your Twitter status when you change your iChat status.

Twessenger - A Twitter addon for Windows Live Messenger.

Twadget — The Twitter Vista Sidebar Gadget.

Twitteroo - Send Twitter tweets from your PC desktop

TwitterIM - Twitter via Windows Live Messenger or ICQ!

Swallow - Twitter client for Windows, x86 Linux, and Mac OS X.

Spaz - An Open-Source Twitter Client for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Twitter Client - Twitter Client for Linux, that allows you to send messages to Twitter.

twitterAIR - An application that lets you view your friends and public timeline, post your status.

TweetDeck - An Adobe Air app that aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter.

SimpleTwitterScreenlet - Simple Twitter screenlet for posting and checking for messages on your Twitter.

Twitter Balloon - A useful Twitter message checker

Twidget - Yahoo Widget that will let you access your Twitter account.

Alert Thingy - An Adobe AIR app for FriendFeed but also works for Twitter as well.

Snitter - An Adobe AIR-powered application for twittering.

Posty - Posting of replies (Twitter, Pownce, Friendfeed, Identi.ca)

Tweetr - Best Twitter Client for Mac and PC.

Syrinx - Fully customizable twitter client designed for the Mac.


RSS to Twitter - A PHP script to feed RSS to Twitter.

SimpleTwitter - Enables WordPress blog owners to easily add Twitter messages to their templates.

Twitter Sharts - "Shart" your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts.

Twitter Tools - Publish on twitter or create blog posts from tweets.

Twitt-Twoo - Allows you to update your Twitter status right from your blog sidebar.

Twitter Updater Automatically update your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post.

Twitter Wordpress Sidebar Widget - Lets you customize the number of tweets you want to see.

Twitter Friends - Allows you to display a list of the people that follow you on Twitter.

TwitThis - An easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website.

Twitter Badge - Display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.

Twitter Blaster - Allow your visitors to post to your Twitter account.

Autolink to Username - Auto links a twitter at username (like @djyano) in a post automatically.

Twitterdoodle - Allows you to create automated Twitter mashup posts based on keywords or keyword phrases.

SocialBoaster - Turns your Digg, Twitter and Delicious activities into a blog post.

TwitterCounter - Display the number of followers you have on Twitter.

Filtered Twitter - Twitter-oriented RSS parser for displaying feeds generated by search.twitter.com.

Ping.fm - Simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.

TwitterBuddy - Makes linking to Twitter/Pownce profile pages and Hashtags.

Follow Me - Adds a sidebar hub for your social networking profiles such as Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Mixx and more.

LifeStream - Brings your activities on social networks such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter on to your blog.

AJAX Twitter - Update your Twitter status from your blog, view and display public updates on your blog.

Twitpress - Submits a user definable tweet to your twitter account.

SimpleTwitter - Allows Wordpress blog owners to add Twitter messages to their templates.

Twitter This - Adds a simple “Twitter This” button to your blog posts,


Twitterati Badge - Interactive Twitter badge.

Netvibes Twitter Widget - Official Netvibes Twitter Widget

Twitter Web Badges - Show your recent tweets or friends list on your web site.

Twitter Counter - Track & publicize the amount of followers you have on Twitter with a small chicklet.

Chris' Twitter Badge - Simple javascript badge that matches Twitter.com's color scheme.

Morgan Aldridge's Twitter Badge - Modification of the official Javascript web badge that shows one or more recent tweets.

The Ultimate Twitter Search Widget - A simple, elegant, highly-flexible, drop-in twitter search widget.

Twitter Flash Clock - Can be embed on your blogger.

TwitterCard - Create a 125x125 Twitter business card widget to put on your blog and display bio and recent status.

Website services:-

VisualTwitter - Allow you to post pictures on Twitter.

Twitter Vision - Mapping Twitters Around The World.

TweetWheel - Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.

Twerp Scan - Tool to help identify those whom you may want to block.

FoodFeed - Twitter service that helps you share your eating habits.

FuelFrog - Track gas mileage on Twitter.

gtFtr - Generate a chart that shows your exercise activity.

Twitter bot - Finds restaurants, bars, shopping, services, and a lot more in Prague.

Tweet Burner - Tracks the clicks on links posted to Twitter.

Tweetgift - Simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend.

TweetStats - Provides interesting statistical information about your tweeting habits

Twitter Digest - Lets you read Twitter updates in a more manageable fashion.

TweetBeep - Track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like tinyurl.com).

TwitDir - Handy directory of Twitter users.

TwitPic - Lets you share photos on Twitter

Twittpoll - Lets you twit your opinion on various Twitter polls.

TwittEarth - Shows live tweets from all over the world on a 3-D globe as they happen.

Twitter Blacklist - Provides a list of known spammers of various kinds on Twitter.

Twitter Karma - Flash application that helps you manage your followers.

Twittercal - Connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar.

TwitterGram - Lets you cross-post audio files on Twitter.

Twitter Weather - Lets you publish daily weather updates to the twitter user of your choice.

SecretTweet - Post your secrets and private thoughts anonymously to Twitter.

Divvoted - Lets you vote for your favourite sites with Twitter.

RSS2Twitter - Share any RSS feed on Twitter, and have new RSS items automatically be tweeted.

TwitterBuzz - Find out what is being most linked to on Twitter.

Twitterholic - Shows the top users and accounts on Twitter.

Qwitter - Social tool powered by Twitter that helps you quit smoking.

Retweet Timer - Bot that helps you set an alarm for things you need to remember.

Tweader - New way to view twitter conversations.

MoniTwitter - Receive important updates about your site via Twitter.

TwitterNotes - Share private or public notes via Twitter.

Twitter Meter - Track the frequency of words used on Twitter.

Bemba - Share web pages & videos with your friends on Twitter, in just 2 clicks.

Tweet Cube - Share files 10mb or less on Twitter.

Twiddeo - Tell people what you are doing, show them.

TwitPlus - A service that lets you Twitter with pictures or video.

Twittershare - Share pics, music, videos other files using Twitter.

FoxyTunes Twitter DJ - Twitter channel with music recommendations from a selected group.

Twitter Comic Book - Turn your Twitter conversations into a comic strip.

Alltop - Twitter headlines pulled from around the Web.

Favrd - Tracks interesting things that show up on Twitter.

Pick of the Twitter - Showcases the best tweets chosen on an hourly basis.

Tweetmeme - Tracks what’s hot right now on Twitter.

TweetWire - Twitter news.

Twist - See trends in Twitter.

TwitTown - The unofficial Twitter community.

Twitter Adder - An easier way to make friends on Twitter; an auto friend adder.

TwitterChat - Your simple solution to 2-way live shoutbox Twitter integration.

Twitter Gossip - A site dedicated to rounding up the most interesting news & opinion about Twitter.

Politweets - You can check out your presidential candidate’s popularity on Twitter here.

TrackThis - Useful service to get updates of your shipment using Twitter.

Twee60 - You can tweet your Xbox live status with Twee60 automatically.

Twit2twit - JEnables you to view any two Twitter users conversation via replies just like Facebook.

Twitimonials - Allows you to praise your friends in a special way on Twitter.

TwitResponse - Set up your Twitter posts for the future.

Search Engines:-

Twitter Search - Search Twitter in realtime and see what the world is doing right now.

Zeitbase - Full text searching for the recent Tweets.

TwitDir - Another Twitter directory.

TwitterTroll.com - Search through 1000s of indexed tweets everyday and find new friends.

Twellow - Twitter search directory.

Tweet Scan - Search public Twitter posts in real-time from the page.

Green Tweets - Tracks tweets about green & environmental topics.

Twitterment - search engine for twitter.

Caboose Twifter - Find shared friends on Twitter.

DoesFollow - Find out who follows whom on Twitter.

TweetWheel - Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other!

Twiffid - See what your Twitter friends are blogging about.

Twintro - Helps you discover the most interesting Twitter users.

Twitscoop - Search Twitter, see what’s hot right now.

TwitteRel - Insert a keyword (or more), find twitter users who tweeped this word.

TwitterTroll - The coolest real-time Twitter search engine!

Twubble - Help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph.

Twummize - Twitter and Summize (Twitter search) in one window.

TwitterWho - A batched people search for Twitter.



TwitterMatch - Match Twitter user.

When You're Bored - 5 Ways To Have Fun with Twitter When You're Bored

Post Like A Pirate - Type your username, password & they’ll convert your Twitter message to pirate talk.

Desert Island - Twitter Game

TweetWords - Game Guessing Game with Twitter.

Poker - Twitter Poker Tour

Roll.The.Dice - Roll a dice, flip a coin, deal cards, or generate a random number.

Twitter Clones:-






I hope these "Ultimate 200 + Twitter Tools to make your Tweets Easier!" list will help you a lot. Found a Twitter tool for this list? Post it in comments.

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