5 Sites to Generate your Domain Names


Looking for the perfect domain name? Finding relevant domain names for your company or your blog is hard, especially when the domain names your try to buy is already taken. Here in my blog, i've found some sites to generate your domain easily online without having to crack your brains out.

Dot-o-mator - Creates potential names for your company, Dot-o-mator will combine some prefix words and suffixes.

Nameboy - Finds domain names, creative domain names and domain names search.

123finder - Creates domain names related to the keywords.

MakeWords - Creates pronounceable names using language rules.

DomainFellow - Combine your keywords with categorized prefixes and suffixes, query whois, check for availability and register domains.

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Check Out If Your Blog is being Hacked and Exploited


Hackers search for compromised sites and use many ways to insert hundreds of hidden spam links into trusted web pages. They target blogs, forums, CMS, image galleries and wikis.

Web site owners are unaware that their sites are hacked and infected with parasites. While the parasites are hidden from human web surfers, they are visible to Google and other search engines.

UnmaskParasites scans your blog for spam links and malicious scripts. it also provides you with an option to run quick site-wide Google searches and check for hidden commonly-used spam links.

Simple Google searches can also reveal thousands of infected web sites. You can use the command in Google search engine as follow :-



"powered by WordPress" "Equity florida home in loan" "Va home"
"powered by WordPress" "Equity home loan massachusetts rate" "Bad credit"

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Free High-Quality Clip Art collections for your Document Presentations


WPClipart is a clean and safe site to find good-quality, printable images that have no copyright restrictions. There are thousands of collection of high-quality public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors.

Features :

  • Integrate WPClipart into OpenOffice.
  • Browse the collection or do a site-specific image search.
  • Browse the collection with nice size thumbnails.
  • Transparent and JPEG image versions.
  • Quick and simple edits to rotate, filter or adjust color/brightness of images.
  • COPY TO CLIPBOARD function.
  • Download the entire package.

  • More about WPClipart? Visit WPClipart @ WPClipart.com

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    Sock and Awe made Bush Dodging Shoe Flash Game


    The world was outraged and sickened when two perfectly good shoes were hurled at the head of President George W.Bush at a recent press conference. But Sock and Awe didn't take long to make Bush Dodging Shoe Flash Game after this incident.

    What's the objective of the game? Hit the president Bush face with the shoe.

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    10 Great WordPress Plugins that you should have


    Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything. With these Great WordPress Plugins on your site, it's a great opportunity for you to explore new plugins that may improve your reader’s experience.

    Wet Maintenance - A WordPress plugin which puts an “Under Construction” page on your blog when activated, as long as the visitor is not logged in. For logged-in users, your site will continue to work as usual.

    ShareThis - A WordPress plugin that provides an unobtrusive way for your visitors to post your site content to various social bookmarking sites, or send a link via e-mail & other communication channels (like Facebook and MySpace) to a friend.

    WordPress.com Stats - A Google alternative, this plugin which can provide statistics about your visitors.

    WP Super Edit - A WordPress plugin designed to give some control over the visual / wysiwyg editor and add some functionality without modifying the WordPress source code.



    Get Recent Comments - This plugin shows excerpts of the latest comments and/or trackbacks in your sidebar. You have comprehensive control about their appearance.

    Smart Youtube - A WordPress Youtube plugin that allows you to easily insert Youtube videos in your post, comments and in your RSS feed.

    Akismet - A WordPress plugin that stop comment spams and trackback spams.

    cforms II - A plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page.

    MyAdsense A WordPress plugin able you to manage your ads formats from Google Adsense and to include them in your theme or in your posts.

    Google (XML) Sitemaps - Generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Ask.com, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

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    Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him and Her


    Avoid the Christmas crowds and do your Christmas shopping from home this year. Shop online this Christmas and make your Christmas easy and relaxing, just as it should be. I've found the best Christmas gifts for Him and Her.

    For Him

    1) - Oakley Split THUMP - Sunglasses with digital player

    Price : $399.00
    From : Amazon.com

    They are ideal for any activity that you want to listen to music but with complete freedom from wires. The worlds first digital music eye wear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory.

    Built around the hard-edged style of our GASCAN eyewear, THUMP 2 offers memory storage up to 1 gigabyte. That's 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you from dangling cords and wires. Listen to music virtually anywhere with speaker booms that adjust easily for a customized fit, and just swing them out of the way when you need to hear your environment. For all-day comfort, the durable frame is made of lightweight O MATTER®.

    2) - Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation)

    Price : $219.94
    From : Amazon.com

    The iPod touch has always been an amazing iPod. And with its groundbreaking technologies--including a Multi-Touch screen, the accelerometer, and 3D graphics--and access to hundreds of games, iPod touch puts an amazing gaming experience in the palm of your hand. It comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB models with new volume controls and a built-in speaker. Play hours of music.

    3) - USB Hub Man with Adaptor

    Price : $29.99
    From : Amazon.com

    The Hub man. Not only is it a really neat design but it is also very practical, more so than some of the fixed socket ones on the market. As convenient as it is quirky, this USB hub man makes a great accessory for the office or home.

    4) - Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (Black)

    Price : $84.99
    From : Amazon.com

    As Internet connections have matured to faster and faster broadband pipelines, webcam manufacturers have been keeping pace with higher resolutions and improved optics to take advantage of the larger bandwidth. And more than just communicating over chat and VoIP. Take control of him :P

    5) - TomTom ONE 125 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

    Price : $89.99
    From : Amazon.com

    TomTom ONE 125 has a nifty fold-out mount right into the device. No more trying to figure out where to stash that big, clunky mount in your car -- just pop it off, fold it up and carry the whole thing in your pocket. Of course, the ONE 125 also features the plug and play ease of use, rock-solid navigation, and sleek designs we've come to expect from TomTom.

    For Her

    1) - magicJack - No More Phone Bills - Free Local & Long Distance Calls!

    Price : $39.95
    From : Amazon.com

    magicJack is one of the most innovative new telecommunications products to be introduced in years. It's a small device that plugs into the USB port of a computer. You plug any standard analog telephone into the other side of the magicJack and it allows you to make unlimited local or long distance telephone calls to any phone (landline or cellular) in the United States or Canada. You also get a free phone number with your magicJack so it can be utilized both to receive and place calls. Area codes for approximately 70% of the U.S. are available.

    2) - HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld (210 Series)

    Price : $366.94
    From : Amazon.com

    The revolutionary HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld provides anyone access to the Internet, email, business applications, and other third party solutions while on-the-go. This portable mobile solution connects via Wi-Fi at any hotspot around the world.

    The iPAQ 211 handheld features a large 4-inch TFT touch-screen display, a high-capacity SDIO and Compact Flash expansion slot, and Blue tooth 2.0 compatibility to connect to wireless headsets or keyboards. You can also sync e-mail and data with your PC via mini-USB or Exchange server.

    3) - Coby 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain (White)

    Price : $12.99
    From : Amazon.com

    How many pictures of your loved ones can you carry in your wallet? Now you can hold up to 60 (digital) pictures on your keychain, in bright, brilliant color! Carry your favorite pictures in the palm of your hand, to show family and friends wherever you go, fits in your pocket, briefcase or purse. The Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Frame Keychain has CSTN LCD Color display.

    4) - 50 First Dates [Blu-ray] (2004)

    Price : $19.95
    From : Amazon.com

    With generous amounts of good luck and good timing, 50 First Dates set an all-time box-office record for the opening weekend of a romantic comedy; whether it deserved such a bonanza is another issue altogether. It's a sweet-natured vehicle for sweet-natured stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and their track record with The Wedding Singer no doubt factors in its lowbrow appeal.

    5) - PSP 3000

    Price : $278.57
    From : Amazon.com

    Show off your games, videos and pictures on piano black PSP with dazzling, all-new, enhanced screen! Entertainment Pack includes Ratchet & Clank game, National Treasure 2 movie, 1GB Memory Stick Duo and Everyday Shooter game download voucher. Play thrilling games, movies, music, connect to the Internet, watch live TV, communicate with Skype, jam to Internet radio and more!

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    Get Free Gmail Stickers Designed by Gmail engineers


    One of the Gmail engineers broke out her vinyl cutter and made some Gmail m-velope stickers. They were pasted on the desks, stuck on laptops, and adorning the walls around the office. People in the office started to like the stickers, and realized other people might like them too.

    So they designed some more, and printed up a whole bunch.

    And there's a sheet of keyboard shortcut stickers intended as a tool to help people learn Gmail's shortcuts.

    So how do you get your stickers? Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (along with a note if you're so inclined) to:

    Send me some Gmail stickers already
    P.O. Box 391420
    Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

    Make sure to include enough postage to return a sticker pack via U.S. mail. It's less than one ounce, so a standard $0.42 stamp will do if you're in the United States; enclose an international reply coupon (IRC) if you're outside of the U.S. And be sure to send your envelope in soon -- one per person please.

    (Source by Gmail Blog)

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    Win Free HP Computers at Digital Inspiration


    The contest is open to residents of all countries and the prize units will be shipped to your place free of charge. The competition at Digital Inspiration will start on December 14 and will run for the next 7 days until December 20, 2008.

    How do I participate?

    This is simple. Just visit Digital Inspiration to read more about it.

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