Want To Know More On How To Increase Alexa Rank ?


Want To Know More On How To Increase Alexa Rank ?

Yeah, I have to agree that Alexa is a popular tool that many bloggers use to see how well a blog is performed online.The lowest number of rank, the better, that's Alexa. Why nowadays people desperately looking for a few ways on how to increase the alexa rank ? This is because Alexa rank helps to determine prices of your advertising space or text links on your blog. Text Links Ads, ReviewMe or Sponsored Reviews are using Alexa ranking to determine the price of your links.

I know some of you trying to figure out what is the best way to increase the Alexa rank. OK here's a few ways which definitely works for me and I want you to give it a try. It might work to you as well..

Increase Alexa Rank With :-

1) First thing - Installing Toolbar - If you are using Firefox, download and install Sparky or SearchStatus extension and if you're are using Internet Explorer, get the toolbar HERE. Get all your friends who love to visit your blog to install it too.

2) Put Alexa Site Widget on Blog - Yup put the widgets on each of your blog. The proof is Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, after installing the widgets, within a few days its ranking increased at least 25%. I guess I should implement this step as well.

3) Write, rewrite or blog about Alexa - Especially tips on how to increase the Alexa ranking. Every blogger nowadays I believe love to hear about ways to increase Alexa rank from time to time. If they find that your articles interesting, they'll link to you and this bring you targeted traffic.

4) Use Alexa Redirect Code Especially When Commenting Others - The code is http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?http://www.djyano.blogspot.com/ What this essentially does is that anytime someone clicks on that link, it sends a redirect to Alexa and lets them know that a unique IP has visited the site. Thus, all those people push your rankings up. And if you are using Wordpress instead of Blogspot, there's an "Alexa Redirect" WP plugin for you that you can use..

5) Create an Alexa Category on your blog - Use it to include any tips or news about Alexa. You can also post your monthly report of your Alexa rank and which tips do you implement during that month and a bit explaination about the result whether you're satisfied or not. Other bloggers can use this as their references.. As a good references, visitors will keep coming and sometimes refer their friends to read your articles.

6) Install Alexa Auto-Surf - Still haven't try this yet. But some said that this software is suitable for new websites with a very poor Alexa rank. You cannot use this method as long term solutions since it may conflict with Google Adsense.

7) Set your blog as your default homepage in your browser.

8) Change your profile on your myBlogLog to link to your blog to a Alexa redirect link to your blog to get more Alexa juice.

Actually there are more, but above are the basics things before you can implement other tips.. You can read more about Alexa tips at :-

DoshDosh.Com - 20 Quick Ways to Increase Alexa rank
GatherSuccess.Com - 20 Ways To Get More Alexa Juice
Entrepreneurs-Journey.Com - How To Boost Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step
AnthonyJudeLawrence.Com - Get Alexa Rank Under 50,000 in 3 Weeks

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