QSTR Business Opportunity is a scam?


I got to know of this business opportunity through a newspaper advertisement written working from your comfort of your home.Details given in the ads is only earnings ranging SGD500 - SGD5000 and a website link.So after reading their ads, i am very interested.

So i copied their website link and browse the content, the website refused to reveal anything related to the business model. To fulfill my curiosity, i leave my contact details so they can contact me. After that i continued with my blogging, about 2 hours later, a lady called me regarding this Business Opportunity.

I asked the person that called me, what is this company about and what they selling. She can't me give any answers.

After getting in touch with the people from QSTR, they sent me a free online manual which would only appear for a limited period of time. The online manual did not reveal much on the operations of the company. It only featured heaps of testimonials from people who have benefited from the programme.

Upon expiration of the online manual, the lady gave me two packages to choose from. S$25 for an online gold manual and video download, and a S$60 for DVD and an offline gold manual. She refused to reveal anything related to the business model.

I felt very sneaky about this and find something wrong about this. So i started to google about this QSTR Business Opportunity and found this blog.

If you sign for he S$25 package. You will get online manual, the online gold manual contains information on the current world and the future trend of businesses. After watching the videos and going through the manual, there is a questionnaire to fill up.

When the package expires, an online Skype interview was arranged among myself, the introducer (the person who pasted the flyer) and a mentor. The entire interview lasted for 2 hours.

QSTR is a home-based business. It is a network marketing company, marketing products from Herbalife. I didn't choose to take up this opportunity however, because it requires one to buy the products and consume them. I was asked to buy and eat the pills without knowing the ingredients and effects. And I would need to also buy the pills every month to sustain the account.
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If you don't believe QSTR a.k.a. Herbalife is a scam, click here

Herbalife has been implicated in making false medical claims and also being a pyramid scheme. Mark Hughes (President & CEO) was fined USD850,000. Go here to read about Mark Hughes

Herbalife products have also been implicated with side effects. The FDA has received many complaints from consumers. Herbalife has also been sued and settled out of court. Click here to read about Herbalife products.

Just for your reference. http://www.qstrhome.com/cn/

What do you think? Is it a scam? Comment your thoughts about this.

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    3 comments to "QSTR Business Opportunity is a scam?"

    Anonymous said...
    February 6, 2009 at 2:36 AM

    I joined QSTR Home Base System and paid S$45 for the training package but all turned out to be a scam. I managed to get my refund for S$45 because I refused to meet the mentor for screening process. I asked the person who contacted me by phone why should I need the screening process (as in my common sense, he must be trying to check how much they could swindle me out from my bank money). After the person returned my refund I sent back all his covers on the next day where one of which I secretly took a look at his Gold Manual book which tried to hynotize me with all his different testimonials in broken English and spelling mistakes perhaps written by the same author. I couldn't turn on the two DVDs because my computers driver for playing DVDs was not working then. However, the training package was supposed to get us started online marketing right away but why was it training us with testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials, so unprofessionally. I am not a 3 year-old kid. It is an absolute scam! When I asked why screening process was needed first to see whether I was qualified to join them as a member, the person whispered to me in the phone that I need to cough out S$400. MLM is doing exactly that and why QSTR is doing likewise for what? Thanking him first for telling me the truth which was better late than never. I know some China ladies kept calling me up might be involved as part of the scam in QSTR. I hope our government will implement a new law here first, so that more future internet marketers will not be unscrupulous. I wish to protect Singapore and help build up her name to show to the world that integrity of more Singaporeans still exist. We must wipe out scammers from spoiling the good name of our nation which our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has contributed his share to create for decades. To be suddenly destroyed by growing numbers of scammers someday, it is highly possible if our government still remains complacent about their existence. Let hope our government do something better to stop all these nonsense before our IR is completed. Because if all these nonsense do not stop, more new nonsense around IR will be much more overloaded to tarnish the good name of Singapore.

    Anonymous said...
    February 6, 2009 at 2:58 AM

    QSTR Home Base Business is a scam because I was almost a victim here. They were supposed to send training package to train me how to start right away online business but the training package turned out to be testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials trying to brainwash me first to cough out S$400 when I would meet the so-called mentor for a screening process (for what?). And believe me or not, I am well-versed in detecting things like noticing whether testimonials are written by the same author. In their numerous unnecessary testimonials provided by some so-called faithful members, I noticed there were many similar grammar and spelling mistakes. It is outrageous! If they can't speak simple proper English, how will we be trained to advertise ourselves in the business world of online marketing in professional manner? The blind is leading the blind...? Should someone may be sent to support QSTR to protest against my comment, please do not believe him/her. They are all in a team of scam. BEWARE!

    Anonymous said...
    June 15, 2009 at 2:24 PM

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