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Do you want to put a clock to your blog/site? Then you come to the place. At ClockLink.com provides fashionable clocks that you can easily embed in your web page. All you need to do is simply paste the tag on your web page. ClockLink will display the city name of your choice if you choose. You can also choose a time zone for your clock so it will show the correct time. Decorate your website with ClockLink clocks!


What is Clocklink?

ClockLink provides online clocks made from FLASH, that can be easily pasted onto a web page or blog simply by copying and pasting the HTML tag. There is also an option to choose the appropriate time zone for each clock. We provide a variety of selection, including Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, Count Down Clocks, Count Up Clocks, World Clocks, and many more.

Are the Clocks Free?

Yes, all clock are free of charge.

Will the ClockLink Times Change if I Change the Time Setting on my Computer?

No. All ClockLink clocks base their times off of the information within the server. Therefore, the times on the clocks will not be affected if you change the times on your individual computers.

Here are some screenshots below.

So you want to put clock in your blog/site? Ok, just follow this simple instruction.

Step 1. Click here.

Step 2. Go to Gallery and choose your clock and after that view HTML, a popup will come out, choose your color and your timezone or your country.

Step 3. After you are done, copy the HTML code.

Step 4. Sign in to Blogger and click layout.

Step 5. Add a Page Element, click HTML/JavaScript and insert the HTML code and save.

How to Change the Size of the Clocks.

The size can easily be changed by going to the Gallery page, clicking on a [ View HTML tag ] button, and changing the setting from within that link.

Also, the size can also be changed after the HTML tag is pasted on a web page or blog, by changing the numbers that follow "width= ", "height= " within the tag. (See Image).

And you are done, enjoy your new clock.Digg my article

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