Tips To Save Fuel And Your $$$


This is my 100th post, and i am very glad to write this article. NOW that world prices have reached a new high and petrol prices here are more than $2 per litre and climbing, it's time to think about fuel effiency.

There are strategies to help you save both money and the environment. Suzuki distributor Motors said that improving your mileage can be as easy as maintaining a consistent speed when driving.

  • The Suzuki Grand Vitara. Watch out for the 2.4-litre version later this year. With variable valve timing, it'll greatly improve fuel efficiency

  • A constant speed helps in better fuel efficiency, as it takes much more fuel to get a vehicle moving than it does to keep it moving। Frequent acceleration and braking will lead to higher fuel consumption.

    For automatic transmission

    If you drive an automatic, accelerate moderately so the transmission can shift into the higher gears

    For manual transmission

    For manual transmission drivers, don't 'drag' the engine. Downshift if you need to accelerate.

    Keep an eye down the road for potential slowdowns. If you accelerate then brake right away, that's wasted fuel. Suzuki makes 2-litre and 2.7-litre versions of the Grand Vitara SUV, although the latter will be replaced with a 2.4-litre version later this year. It will be equipped with variable valve timing, which improves fuel efficiency.

    Another tip to let you go further on a tank of petrol is to clean out your boot. This is because unnecessary weight is a sure way to waste fuel in the long run. Tyres also have a part to play when it comes to fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tyres create friction because of their increased contact with the road. So check your tyre pressure whenever you fill your petrol tank, preferably when the car is cold.

    Fill your car tanks to full capacity. This will reduce the chances of corrosion in your petrol tank. Condensation can form on the inner side of a fuel tank that is not filled with fuel.

    Choosing your fuel type

    Choosing 92-, 95- or 98-octane really depends on your car. There is no need to use higher octane than necessary. This does not translate into more power for your car. Follow the recommendation from the car manufacturer. Also, do not use an engine oil that is thicker than necessary, based on your car manufacturer's recommendations. A thicker engine oil will cause poorer fuel consumption.

    Practicality over style

    So, more is not always best. Dressing up your wheels could end up costing you more in petrol. Bigger tyres and rims may look cool, and they can certainly improve handling. But if they are wider than the stock tyres, chances are they'll create more rolling resistance and decrease fuel economy.

    When it comes to SUVs, tyres are vital to their performance off-road. Tyres are designed for the purpose, such as having special features to maximise grip, like its state-of-the-art tread designs and construction materials.

    Other tips on how to save fuel are based on plain good sense. Plan your route, so that you don't waste fuel going around in circles because you're lost. Service and tune your car when you're suppose to. If something needs to be replaced, don't delay.

    Spark plugs should be replaced when necessary to maximise combustion. And if you can't see through your air filter, it means air to your engine is being choked off, causing more fuel to be burned to produce the same amount of power. If you're in an area where the air is fresh, try switching off your air-con. You'll save significant amount of fuel by doing that. Plus it'll give your lungs a treat in the process.

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