Google Earth 4.3 Released


Just now downloaded Google Earth Version 4.3 (beta) off the Google servers!

[UPDATE: You should be able to go to the official download page to get 4.3 now. You won't need to use the trick below.]
In order to get it, I had to go to the old way of downloading Google Earth. Please note: the following method will bypass the Google Updater method, but will enable you to get an early look if you can't wait to see the new version.

Further note: Not all the servers will have the new version. You may not get 4.3 when you try this! So, if you're in a hurry, click here to download old method. If you're more patient, the better way is to visit the official Google Earth download page after waiting a few hours for the servers to completely deploy.

Real quick, here is a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite. I will begin writing a mini-review of the main new features next and developing some videos. So...here is what Google Earth 4.3 looks like:

Google Earth 4.3 screenshot
Notice new day/night lighting, new nav gadgets in upper right
Google Earth 4.3 screenshot of Street View
Street View in Google Earth

Notice in the second shot this is a close-up view of Street Views (normally you see gold camera icons). You click on a sphere and you enter inside and can look around (or double-click a camera icon). You can then double-click on camera icons to be flown to other views (from within the sphere). This is done through the GE Photo Viewer interface, and works pretty well. Turn on the Street View layer to see the icons, and then fly to a city with the icons to see them up close.

[UPDATE - First mini review with more screenshots here]


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