Tips for Installing Blogger template


Even though many of you already know how to install blogger template, here point out some important tips. Please read it.

1. Before installing new template save your old template by downloading it on your computer. (Layout – Template – Edit HTML- Download full template)

2. For installing XML template (new blogger) do not copy paste, only upload from your computer. (Edit HTML – Browse – Upload).

3. After installation, it may ask you to delete some widgets, just delete them.

4. In some case you can’t save the template. This is simply because of more than one unique Id on your template, For example Label list, HTML, Adsense etc. In that case, go back to your old template, click on ‘Page elements’ and delete all widgets (later you can add it).

5. You can delete only the widget that causing problem, if you note it while installing new template.

6. Many blogger templates includes images, like header background image, icons, main background image etc and are stored on sites like Imageshack, Flickr, etc. There is no guarantee to access these images properly in some locations of the world. So it is better to upload all these images in some convenient locations like Google Pages?. (Get the image URLs from the xml code and download all images. Upload (Google Pages?) and change the URLs accordingly).

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