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Paval is looking for a desktop based offline blog editing software for Linux (Ubuntu) – something on the lines of Windows Live Writer. Here are some suggestions from the extremely helpful Twitter community:

1. Scribefire – A hugely popular Firefox extension for blogging that lets you blog from the comfort of your browser. Supports almost every blog platform and is frequently updated.

2. Flock – This Firefox like browser has built-in blogging capabilities. Open the blog editor in the browser, drag-n-drop content from anywhere and publish.

3. Bleezer – This Java based WYSIWYG blog editing software can upload images to your web server and includes a spell checker but the developer has not updated the software since a long time.

4. BloGTK – This is a pretty popular blogging software for Linux that supports Blogger, Movable Type and WordPress but again, no new updates since long.

5. Drivel Journal – Another blog editor for the GNOME desktop though sort of abandoned now.

Source taken @ http://www.labnol.org

Thanks to Amit. A professional blogger from India.

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