Website banned? Try This Method


There are many ways to ban a website from a network. You can ban its domain name, the IP address where it is hosted, or through a keyword check might check the content in real time and decide not to display it. This makes it extremely hard to show how to bypass the ban and access the website that you want to access. It is however still usual to only ban the domain name - the url - of a website which leaves us some outs to access it without using proxies and the like.

There are actually several ways to replace a url with a encrypted one. The result in the end will be the same but it might be possible to bypass the ban using the encrypted url. A fine tool that displays all variants of encrypted urls is url encryptor. Just enter a url that you want to visit and it displays all encrypted forms (and others) on its page. You can then try and access the website that is banned using those urls and you will be surprised how often this actually works.

I think an example would be fine. Let us take myspace.com for example. If myspace is banned you could use the following urls to access it anyway:

  • Base64 (works in Firefox and Opera)
  • Hex (works in IE and Opera)
  • IP (works in Firefox, IE and Opera)
  • Dword (works in Firefox, IE and Opera)
  • Octal (works in Firefox, IE and Opera)
  • HexDec (works in Firefox and IE)
  • Mixed 1 (works in Firefox and IE)
  • Mixed 2 (works in IE and Opera)

Another method that could work would be to access http://myspace.com/ instead of http://www.myspace.com/

Credit to Martin

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