10 Cool Websites you should Bookmark


There are so many websites out there, but most websites i found online are boring and some of them provide the same service but only different in style, layout and title. I find these websites are quite cool and you should bookmark it.

Here are the 10 Cool Websites you should Bookmark

1. ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ dılɟ (Flip your Text)

Flip your Text does what the name implies. It flips text in a way that people need to turn themselves upside down in order to read it.

ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ dılɟ (Flip your Text)

2. Midomi

Midomi is an extremely innovative music search engine. Instead of searching for music using keywords and names, you can find songs using your own voice.


3. Topix

If CNN or Google News gets boring sometimes and you want something with more local flavor, then check out Topix.


4. Jumpcut

We like Jumpcut because it allows you to upload, share and remix your videos in a cool way. The tools are feature-rich, intuitive, and so easy to use.


5. Voicevibes

This website is for all those telugu people of india who wants to listen to various hyderabad telugu FM radio channels online.

6. Deathclock

When am i going to die? For those of you who are interested in knowing your date of death, you can visit this site. You just need to fill in few details for your death time.


7. TryPhone

Finding the right mobile device just got a lot easier with TryPhone. Try whichever phone you want online using this website and see how it actually works before buying it from the market.


8. Imdb

Imdb.com is the most comprehensive movie information source on the net and it has won numerous awards. Gather facts about actors, movies, TV shows, trivia and all sorts of interesting stuff that pertains to the entertainment industry.

9. Zingfu

Zingfu create a dumb face of your enemy or friends and post it to them. Just paste the face of your victim to any one one of the available funny photos.

10. Find a Grave

Jim Tipton’s Find a Grave is an online database with 16 million cemeteries and burial records - you can find grave location of almost all famous people. A neat thing about Find a Grave is that you can add virtual memorials and flowers on a loved one’s grave.


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