Access your GMail address book from your desktop


iContact is a free software tool for Windows that allows you to access your GMail address book from your desktop. You can find your contacts very quickly without the need to login to your GMail/Google Apps account everytime.

iContact uses Gmail/Google Apps contacts list as the central repository for your contacts. You can still see and edit your contacts in Google but iContact allows you to have instant access to your contacts whenever you need them without loging into your Google/Gmail account. As well as that you can enjoy iContact's integration with other applications like your email client, Skype and Goolge Maps (and for example send contact's address to your Satnav system).

Multiple computers, one set of contacts

If you have more than one PC, iContact will allow you too see your contacts on all computers without the need to synchronize them.

Local tools integration

iContact is connected to different tools on your desktop: You can start your email program by clicking on ther email address, call them with Skype or find their address on Google Maps and send it to your Garmin or TomTom navigator.

Main features

  • Gmail and Google Apps compatible
  • Online access to contacts (two-ways: Read and Write)
  • Fuzzy search: Kathryn, Katherine, Catharine, Kathryn or...? Find all of them!
  • Find contact address on Google Maps - Send it to your SatNav from there
  • Intelligent phone number correction
  • Large text display of phone numbers
  • Starts with Windows if you want and connects to your Google account

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