Backup your Files or Folders to your Email Account


Backup To EMail is a very simple application that allow you to backup your files/folders to your email account. The configuration includes the same details you configure any email client like outlook express or thunderbird.

Note:Only for Yahoo and Gmail


First download the latest version of Backup To EMail.


Then run the installation, next the main configuration screen will appear as follows:

In this screen you need to enter the email address where you wish your files/folders to be backuped to when you right click and backup them.

You can add more email accounts to backup to by clicking the "Configuration --> Mail Server" menu.

The email address you enter in this main screen will be the main email address that files/folder will be sent, this default email address will be the email address that files/folders be backuped to and will be assigned to the right click menu item "Backup To EMail".

However you will be able to backup items to this mail address also from the "Send To" menu option, if you have set up more email accounts to backup to they will also appear there as seen in the following screenshot:

In the "Send To" menu option you can choose to which account you would like to backup your files/folder thus you can decide for example to backup important files to GMail while unimportant files to some other less trusted mail servers that has more storage than GMail but are less trusted (there are such that let you store tens of GB of emails).

The next important thing to do while installing Backup To EMail is to choose your outgoing mail server and to define your outgoing properties, this is done through "Configuration --> Mail Servers" menu item:

Over the next screen that appears you are first able to edit by default your default account (The account for which backups would be send through right click menu on files/folders with "Backup To EMail" menu item):

By default you will see the email account that you entered in the main screen; if you haven't entered an email address in the main screen then press "New Account" and enter your details.

Description of fields:

Account: The email account you are editing

Email address: The email address you want files/folders to be backuped to

Outgoing server: The same settings as you have in outlook express or thunderbird, if you use an email account of gmail or yahoo then enter for gmail: smtp.gmail.com

yahoo: You will need to set here a different mail server than smtp.mail.yahoo.com that is because this mail server is available only for registered users so if you have for example a gmail account put the details of your gmail account in Backup To EMail, and in the Backup To EMail address put your yahoo email address.

Requires authentication: for gmail and yahoo this field should be checked. Usually mail servers do not allow anyone to send emails through them (so that spammers would not abuse them to send spam) but only registered user, so if you are a registered user in gmail or yahoo or with your ISP check this field so you will send emails (backup files) through your authenticated account.

SSL: Check this checkbox for gmail and yahoo. This field should be true in case your email account encrypts your emails sending traffic. Files backuped will also be encrypted with SSL protocol.

Username: if you checked the field Requires authentication then enter here your username, for yahoo and gmail this is simply your username to the yahoo/gmail account.

Password: If you checked the field Requires authentication then enter here your password, this is required for connecting to your outgoing mail server your passowrd is encrypted and safely stored, and is not used for anything but backup to email.

Click "OK" to store your details.

Backing up files/folders

This is the fun and easy part. Once your "Backup To EMail" configured you can right click any file or folder and click on "Backup To EMail". A screen with a progress bar will apear and when it completes your file will be inside your email account.

Note: Files larger than 10MB will be split. Remember to update the outgoing server from Configuration --> accounts before sending.

Accessing Backup To EMail configuration

You can always configureBackup To EMail by going to windows start menu --> Backup To EMail --> Backup To EMail


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