Send an Email without an Email account with Note2email


When browsing the Internet from an untrusted network or an office computer it can be unsafe to type in the email account password. This tool was designed to help users send themselves email notes without logging in to their email account. For more security the user has the option to encrypt the content of the message and the encryption key is stored nowhere.

Note2email is a web application designed to send quick text notes to any email address in the world that send quick notes to your email address in one easy step, no need for passwords or usernames.

In addition to this the service also allows you to can use the service on a public terminal to send yourself an important note or a todo message without logging into any of your email accounts.

The service allows you to send unlimited email messages, but limits abuse by sending one message at a time.

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Anonymous said...
November 2, 2009 at 7:31 PM

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