Track your Mobile Phone calls and text messages Online


Manage your calls and texts the way you manage your email. Skydeck helps you keep track of your cell phone calls and text messages. Check who called you yesterday and how long it's been since you spoke. Turn that dry list of numbers in your call log and phone bill into a map of your relationships with friends, colleagues, and customers. You'll never forget a call again.

An Inbox for Your Calls and Texts

Never Forget a Call

Manage your calls and texts the same way that you manage your email. Check who called yesterday, the last time you spoke, and use notes and tags to remind yourself to follow up.

Manage your calls and texts the way you manage your email.

Discover your true social network

Your true social network is made up of the people that you talk to and text every day. Skydeck maps this network for you, and shows you how best to reach the people that you'd like to meet.

Your true social network is hidden in your cell phone records.

Get a smarter address book

Skydeck works out who really matters and puts them at the top of your list. You can see at a glance who you've been neglecting - how long has it been since you called Mom? And you can copy contact information from their Skydeck profiles with one click.

Skydeck knows who is important to you and puts them first.

Search your calls

Search your call and text message history the same way you search your email. It's backed-up online, so you can check the last time that you spoke to a customer, or called customer support. You'll find numbers that you thought had lost.

Search your call history the same way you search your email.

Save your monthly bills

Skydeck checks your balance of voice minutes and text messages every day and sends you email updates. You could lower your bill and save hundreds of dollars every year. If you use our Firefox toolbar, our meter lives in your browser and turns red when you need to change your plan.

Skydeck checks your balance so that you don't have to.

Track your expenses

Mark your contacts as business or personal or tag all calls you made while traveling and Skydeck can print your expense report each month. Or code all of your clients and track billable hours that you spent talking on your cell phone.

Track billable hours and get reimbursed for business calls.



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October 12, 2008 at 7:24 PM

Nice info, but i dont have any HP right now... hehehe

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October 12, 2008 at 7:47 PM

Yeah, hope to see you again.

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October 15, 2008 at 4:38 PM

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