Convert your Flickr photos to wallpapers for your Blackberry


Take your favorite image from Flickr and convert them to wallpapers. BBsnap is a simple site that does one thing, that is converting Flickr photos to wallpapers for Blackberry phones.

1. No sign up or registration needed.
2. Browse gallery of wallpapers created by Users
3. Search and choose images from Flickr with integrated Flickr image search.
4. Download wallpapers created by Users.

How To:

1) Choose your image

First choose image that you want to edit. It can be file uploaded from your hard drive or image loaded directly from the Internet. I use Flickr

Paste image link and click the "continue" button.

2) Choose your Blackberry Model

You will be redirected to simple image editor. Select your Phone and press the "Go" button.

3) Edit your image

Edit your image (resize) and select cropping area by moving box inside. Click "Done" after you finish editing.

You can also browse user gallery and download any wallpaper you like.

Visit BBsnap @ BBsnap.com

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