The New Google Audio Indexing (GAUDI) - Find spoken words inside Videos


Google Audio Indexing is a new technology from Google that allows users to better search and watch videos from various YouTube channels. It uses speech technology to find spoken words inside videos and lets the user jump to the right portion of the video where these words are spoken.

With Google Audio Indexing, you can use speech technology to find videos and to search for spoken content inside a video.

What video content can I search?

Google Audio Indexing searches only those videos uploaded on the YouTube political channels. If a video is on the YouTube political channels, it will be in the index.

Candidates control the video content released to the public using Google Audio Indexing technology by controlling the content they upload to YouTube channels.

Searching for videos

To find a set of videos, simply type a query in the search box and press the "Search videos" button. The results of your search will appear in the left column. You can refine your search using channel filters, the active filter showing in bold. A channel filter corresponds to one or more YouTube channels. In the context of the US election, you can choose videos from the McCain channel, the Obama channel or from all YouTube political channels. For each result, we provide a thumbnail of the video, its title, the time since it was published, the duration and the number of times the query terms are mentioned (i.e. spoken) in the video. By clicking on a result, the video will be displayed in the right column. If you need to see more results, you can navigate between result pages using the links at the bottom of the left column (previous, next, etc.), just like on most Google Search products.

Searching inside a video

With Google Audio Indexing, you can also restrict your search to the content of a given video. By default, the "Search inside this video" uses the same query term as the video search.
To search for a different term, just type your query in the text form under the video player and press the "Search within this video" button. The mention results are displayed underneath. The yellow markers on the timeline are updated accordingly and you can access the information just like before, using mouse over.

Make your content to be "speech-searchable" in Youtube

All served videos come from YouTube channels. You should first upload your content to YouTube. See the YouTube "Contact Us" page for more information. You can also send us an email at labs+gaudi@google.com.

Try Google Audio Indexing a.k.a GAUDI @ http://labs.google.com/gaudi

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