5 Tips To Create your own Signatures in Emails


Writing an e-mail is like writing a letter. A letter will not complete if you doesn't add your signature in it. There are many ways to create your own signature online. But i chose the simple one so that you can easily understand.

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5 Tips To Create your own Signatures in Emails

1) - Create a Signature in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

Step 1 - Select Tools -> Options from the menu in Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

Step 2 - Go to the Signatures tab.

Step 3 - Click New and type the text of your signature under Edit Signature. Click OK.

Note: This is for plain text only.

2) - Create a Signature in Gmail

Step 1 - Follow the Settings link in Gmail's top right navigation menu and go to General.

Step 2 - Type the desired signature in the text field under Signature:.

Step 3 - Click Save Changes.

Note: This is for plain text only.

3) - Create a Signature in Yahoo

Step 1 - Click the Options link in the top right of the screen.

Step 2 - Scroll down on the right side of the screen (under Management) until you see Signature and click it.

Step 3 - Type the information you wish to have.

Step 4 - Click in the checkbox beside Add signature and Save.

4) - Create a Signature in Hotmail

Step 1 - Click on "Options" in the top right-hand corner of the Hotmail window.

Step 2 - Find the "Customize Your Mail" menu and click on "Personal Email Signature."

Step 3 - Type in the text of your signature into the text box.

Step 4 - Click the "Save" button

5) - Create a HTML Signature in Gmail, Yahoo, Aol mail and Hotmail

This only supports Firefox browser.

Step 1 - Go to WiseStamp.com, download the extension and install it.

Step 2 - After you have install it, locate the WiseStamp Icon on the bottom of your browser.

Step 3 - Click on the icon and choose “Edit Signature” (or simply click on Tools -> WiseStamp)

Step 4 - Now adding the HTML code, in the rich editor click on the 'Html' button and add or edit your HTML code.

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Jason said...
December 26, 2008 at 5:49 PM

can you teach me how to create the navigation bar you are having ?

DJYano said...
December 26, 2008 at 6:40 PM

it's a template i downloaded.


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