Create a Mobile Website with MoFuse


Create a Mobile Website with MoFuse
Launch and manage a mobile version of your blog or website. It's totally free. For those who wants to build mobile website of your own. This is the place.

MoFuse gives content publishers, like bloggers, the ability to publish their content to the mobile web and even make money online with this Mobile website. You don't have to be a content publisher to use MoFuse though, anyone can create a mobile website in just a few minutes using the intuitive MoFuse platform.

Create a Mobile Website with MoFuse

MoFuse power the mobile versions of over 7,000 blogs, ranging from personal to professional and corporate blogs.


  • Promote your mobile site
  • Get detailed analytics about your mobile audience
  • Make money
  • Edit your site using our WYSIWYG editor
  • Use any custom domain you want
  • Use your own logo
  • Brand your mobile site


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