My Top 5 Firefox 3 Themes


Firefox 3 is finally here and some add-ons are not compatible with Firefox 3. And for those of you who are tired and boring of default plain gray theme of Firefox , there are a few things you can do to change the looks of your Firefox browser, making it more interesting.I've found some compatible themes that you could use.

Here are My Top 5 Firefox 3 Themes

My 10 Firefox 3 Themes

Walnut - Why not give your Web browser a wood grain finish to feel like you widdled it yourself sitting out on the porch in your rocking chair.

My 10 Firefox 3 Themes

Qute - Not a full theme, but instead an icon set of shiny, candy looking icons to switch out with the defaults in Firefox 3.

My 10 Firefox 3 Themes

PitchDark - A dark, minimalistic theme with maximum screen real-estate and readability in mind.

My 10 Firefox 3 Themes

Pink-Bee - Written in French, it’s still hard to pass up on this one if you’re looking for a pink theme.

My 10 Firefox 3 Themes

Newgrounds Classic - Based off of the popular Newgrounds site, this theme is a mixture of black with very shiny yellow, complete with some animation.


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