My Top 10 Firefox Themes


For those of you who are tired and boring of default plain gray theme of Firefox , there are a few things you can do to change the looks of your Firefox browser, making it more interesting. Just go to Firefox Add-on site, then look out for "themes" section. Themes are like new clothes for your Firefox. A theme can change only a few colors, or every piece of Firefox's appearance. It's another great way to personalize Firefox to your tastes.

I've installed all of them. When i got bored of current theme, I will change it to another. I usually stick with current theme only for a week, then I changed to a new one.

1) Aero Fox

This is a dark theme using Aero style buttons and icons. It is largely based on Aquatint Dark theme but uses some features from Abstract Classic and Cobalt Firefox.

2) Tinseltown

Tinseltown is a Christmas theme with holiday imagery including Christmas lights, snow, reindeer, presents and more. This theme is made eve better with great Christmas icons from Watiworks and a semi-transparent URL bar. Get in the holiday spirit!

Tinseltown, the holiday theme, works on Mac, Window and Linux for all to enjoy!

3) MidnightFox
MidnightFox is a dark theme with brightly colored buttons. The idea is to try and create a dark, yet usable, Firefox theme. This theme IS NOT finished. If you don't like dark themes, don't download.

4) SoccerFox SVG - A theme for Soccer/football fans.

5) ToonSkin - A violet and grey cartoon theme for your favorite browser.

6) TrafficFox - A Firefox theme with road signs.

7) iPox Aqua

Firefox theme with shinny blues and whites.

iPox Aqua is a spin off of iPox. This version includes bright blue buttons, background and other slight modifications to bring a big more to the original iPox theme.

8) PinkHope
PinkHope is a Firefox theme for Breast Cancer awareness. It's very pink and is one way you can help spread awareness at home, school or work without saying a word. The bright colors and pink ribbon are enough to let anyone know the cause.

9) Vista-aero - The most IE7-like theme with Vista Aero style!

10) Blue Ice - A crisp, simple ice blue theme...

Actually there are a lot more. To view all available themes and which Firefox's version the theme supported, visit Themes Section at Firefox Add-ons.

Credits to http://infoonnet.blogspot.com

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