Social Networking on Your Mobile Phones


Social Networking on Your Mobile Phones
Mobiluck is a free online tool that allows to share where you are with your friends, receive alerts when they are nearby and chat 24/7 for free meaning that MobiLuck helps you share your location, spot friends nearby, and meet interesting people and places along the way!

MobiLuck puts your location at the heart of your social network because you often want to know where they are and you often want to meet up with them... unless you prefer sitting in a dark room in front of your computer that is. Most importantly, you want all your friends to be able to use it, without having to own a smartphone or learn complex SMS commands. This is where MobiLuck is different.

Social Networking on Your Mobile Phones


  • Detect all nearby Bluetooth devices. Your cell phone rings or vibrates when it finds one.
  • Send messages and photos for free to friends or strangers with no need of their phone numbers.
  • Hear when you receive a Bluetooth message and reply to the sender!
  • Send your profile and receive profiles from other MobiLuckers including their photo.
  • Send MobiLuck to other people so you'll meet more and more MobiLuckers.

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