How to add Google Adsense in RSS Feeds for Blogger


Well this tutorial is not about Adsense for Feeds or how to setup Adsense for Feeds, but i will cover on that later on. I know some of you don't have Adsense for Feeds Setup Tab in your Google Account because you have insufficient RSS subscribers or maybe you have not been accepted in their BETA test of Adsense for Feeds due to full applications.

But don't worry, you still can earn money from your RSS Feeds. There's an alternative ways to add Adsense in your RSS Feeds, BUT remember this only works on Blogger blogs.

See example below:-

1) - Get new Ads for your RSS Feeds

Simple just login to your Google account and create new ads for your RSS. After you have get the code. Proceed to step 2.

2) - Setting up your new ads for RSS in Blogger

Login to your blogger dashboard, go to Settings - Site Feed

Go to Allow Blog Feeds and select Full to syndicate the full content of your post. If select Short, you won't able to display your Adsense.

3) - Adding your new ads code for RSS in Blogger

Make sure still in Site Feed Tab, and find Post Feed Footer. Paste your new Adsense code in and Save Settings.

Just wait for a few minutes before your ads can be display in your RSS. I hope this tutorial will help you earn more money in Adsense

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