10 Useful Blogger Tweaks, Tips, Tricks and Tools To Improve your Reader Experience


Listed below is "10 Useful Blogger Tweaks and Tools To Improve your Reader Experience". It will help in enhancing your visitors or readers experience. 80% of these list will make your visitors or readers come back for more. Try it to believe it.

"10 Useful Blogger Tweaks and Tools To Improve your Reader Experience"

1) - Respect your readers or visitors

The first thing is respect. When your readers give a straight forward comments, respect them and reply them professionally. Don't assume and argue with them saying that you are always right. Let your readers win, they will respect you.

2) - Reward your readers or visitors

Reward them with prominence. Create a special link in you blog roll called “Blog I Follow”. Direct your blog traffic to the specific reader’s website. What’s important is that you find an easy way to track their posts. You can also reward them by subscribing to their RSS Feed if you don't want to miss their post.

You can also highlight them in your blog post that you write. Make sure the post you write link back to their website and make sure your post is relevant. Don't write about "A" and site is about "Z". Leave comments on your reader site, they will love to have more comments but don't spam.

If your readers or visitors doesn't have a blog or website, reward them with Free E-Books download. You can also reward them if they become your Top Commentator of the month, reward them with online freebies. You can get a lot of them online. Just search for it or go to http://www.freebielist.com.

3) - Add a language translation widget

Some readers can't understand English, provide them with language translations on your blog. They will sure to come back if you have good article. Read my post on "How to Add language Translation Widget for your website or blog".

4) - Get in touch with your readers online

Get in touch with them to share new ideas and make your friendship better. You can install some widgets on your site to get in touch. Google Talk Badge will enable site visitors to get in touch with you quickly. They won’t need a Google account and the badge is enabled only when you are online. You can also install Skype buttons on your blog. Read more on How to Add Skype buttons to on your site.

5) - Add "Save Pages as PDF" Button

Add this button on your site to allows your visitors to quickly save useful information in your blogs and websites to PDF files. This will saves your readers time looking for PDF downloader on the net. To install PDF buttons on you blog. Read this post on "How Add "Save Pages as PDF" Button to Your Blogs/Sites".

6) - Implement Related Post

This related post is only for blogger. Sorry for those on WordPress. This hack enable readers easily integrates with your relevant post. If you are writing about "A" your readers will sure want to finds out more about "A". It uses relevant keywords on your post Labels. Read this post on "How to Put Related Post On Blogger".

7) - Add a search box

Well this tip some of you already know what is for right? Just to let your readers search for your articles. No need to browse for each post and saves time. Read here on "How to add search box in your site".

8) - Let your readers reward you:- Add a "Rating Star" widget

Now it's time for your readers or visitors to reward you with something. Ratings add a fun and easy level of interactivity for readers to engage your content. Your readers can give rating on your post. If it's a good post, they will sure to rate good 'Duh'. Read more on "How to Add "Start Rating" Widget".

9) - Let your readers reward you :- Add a Digg button

Let your readers reward you back. Let your readers drive in new traffic and readers to your site.Good story = 'digg'. Place a real-time Digg count and vote button to every single blog post Digg is a social content website where your readers or you can submit content to. Read more on "How to Add Digg Button".

10) - Ask your reader to subscribe to your RSS

Lastly. always ask your readers or visitors to subscribe to RSS or by email. Don't let them miss your most recent post. Always place Subscribing options at the end of the post or place a RSS Feed Icon on your sidebar to make it easier for your readers. You can check it out 43 Awesome Free RSS Icons for Your Blog.

I hope 10 Useful Blogger Tweaks, Tips, Tricks and Tools To Improve your Reader Experience . You are free to duplicate or post this article in your blog BUT remember must link back to me.

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DrKNutrition said...
December 18, 2008 at 8:55 AM

I'm really glad I found your site. Already changed a bunch of things on my blog. Thanks.

DJYano said...
December 18, 2008 at 9:22 PM

Hi, DrKNutrition

Your blog is about health, i love reading about it too. You should make your blog post expandable, this will make your looks nicer if you have really long post.

You can read more at http://djyano.blogspot.com/2008/03/how-can-to-create-expandable-post.html

Change your fav icon logo, what is fav icon logo? The default fav icon on your blog is the blogger icon.

Read more @ http://djyano.blogspot.com/2008/03/how-to-change-blogger-favicon_20.html

I hope these small little tweak will make your blog more professional.



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