How to Add "Start Rating" Widget in Blogger


You have a good story, good post but nobody will rate your story if there's no rating option in your blog. Ratings add a fun and easy level of interactivity for readers to engage your content. You can add the widget instantly by adding a small snippet of code to your site.

How to Add "Start Rating" Widget in Blogger

Outbrain offers two extra advantages as well - your readers can find more stories related to the one they are currently reading and two, they can rate stories even from feed readers.

Step 1:

To add "Start Rating" Widget in Blogger simple go to Outbrain.com

Step 2:

Click the Blogger icon.

Step 3:

Just proceed to Step 2 and click Get Widget Now!, don't forget to change your own languages.

Step 4:

Notice a new browser window has opened with your blog dashboard. Click ADD WIDGET and Save. And you are done.

Enjoy your new Start Rating Widget.

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