Preview shortened URLs before you click


Ever been annoyed at the constant use of TinyURL and co. links? Shortened URLs can be very dangerous, you don't know where the link will direct you to. Maybe a another scam site? or a site with full of viruses? or links to phishing sites, malware sites, rickrolls or spam affiliate pages. You don't want to fall for that right? Admittedly they are useful when used right.

While there is quite a few methods of finding out the links for a few sites, PrevURL allows you to check or preview the shortened URLs before you click them.

Screen shot

How to use

You can just visit Prevurl.com or you can follow other method below.

Other method

Example your Shortened URL is http://tinyurl.com/6bacjp

You can preview that URL and determine its original URL just by adding the short URL to :-

http://prevurl.com/?url=YOUR SHORTENED URLS



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