Predict Your Adsense Earnings With Adsense Calculator


The AdSense Calculator helps Google AdSense affiliates understand what affects their earnings by letting them experiment with values.

It also allows Google AdSense users to take their current statistics and calculate how much they can expect to earn daily, monthly and yearly. Site owners who are considering implementing AdSense on their site(s) can also use this tool to estimate what results they are likely to see.
Daily Page Impressions
Daily page impressions indicate how many times ads are shown per page. You can use your average, anticipated, or current daily page impressions for this

Click Through Rate (CTR)
This figure represents how many visitors actually click your advertisements. You can find this easily on your Google AdSense stats page labeled "CTR." The average rate is estimated to be about 1.5%.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
Your CPC is the average of how much you get paid for someone clicking one of your advertisements. To find your average CPC take you’re the amount of money you have earned from AdSense (daily, monthly, or all time) and divide it by your total clicks (daily, monthly, or all time).

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