Tweaking Tips For Windows Vista


Once most users get comfortable getting their needed software, applications and such set up on their Windows machine, they move on to making it their own. Maybe some new icons. Maybe some new desktops. A screensaver different and even Themes different from others.

Tweaking Vista to your personal preferences isn't too difficult. If you are already comfortable doing so in XP, you shouldn't have too hard a time in Vista. However Vista does present some of it's own "quirks".

Here are some links and tips needed for new Vista users to tweak their Vista. Maybe you will find them useful as well.

TweakUI for Vista

Totalidea Software: TweakVI for Windows Vista - freeware/$ tweaking utility

Microsoft hasn't released a TweakUI PowerToy for Vista like they did for XP. So for now, it is difficult to find a singular Vista tweaking tool, unlike the many that exist for XP.

However, Totalidea's TweakVI is worth checking out for power tweakers. The free/basic version comes with a great number of helpful system tweaks and the interface is quite nicely designed. You can purchase additional "plugins" that extend the ability to tweak your system. My guess it that you will want to spend some time getting through the basic version first before finding a need to move on to the advanced tweak plugins.

It's a very nice product that installed great and is very slick.

Vista Power Button Tips

On our Gateway notebook, the Vista Start menu powerbutton was configured by default to put the notebook to sleep, not shut down.

Here is how to change it back (or to another action).

Vista Boot Screen Tweak
Vista Window Border Tweak Vista File and Folder TweakingVista Emergency Keyboard Tricks Vista Drive Partition TipVista Drive Defragmentation TipsI've been using both Auslogics Disk Defrag and the power-combo of Contig (Sysinternals) and Power Defragmenter GUI (eXcessive Software) quite successfully on our Vista laptop. Both seem to run pretty fast, but I don't know if the built-in Windows defrag tool is better overall or not. I've read that 3rd party defragging tools might be rough on some special system files. I've not had any problems, however, that I am aware of with either of these particular applications.

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