20 Easy Steps to Add Windows Mail/Read Mail Icon To IE 7.0 Toolbar


In previous versions of Internet Explorer there has always been a Mail Icon situated on the main toolbar. This Mail icon would open either Outlook Express (now Windows Mail), Microsoft Outlook, or whichever Mail client you designated as the default mail client in the programs section of Internet Explorer option.

For Internet Explorer 7.0, the Mail icon was deliberately left off the main toolbar in an effort to reduce toolbar clutter and make everything nice and neat.

To incorporate the Mail Icon into the Internet Explorer toolbar proceed as follows:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Click the Tools option on the Main toolbar and then, from the drop down menu, click on Internet Options

3. In the Internet Options Window, Click the Programs Tab

4. Once in the Programs tab window, click the Set Programs button in the Internet programs section.

5. The Default Programs window will now open

6. In the Default Programs Window, Click the 'Set your default programs' option.

7. In the set Default Programs window, Click on the Mail client you want to use as default, i.e., Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.

8. Once you have selected your Default Mail client, Click the set this Program as default option, and then Click the OK button

9. You default mail client has now been set.

10. Close all the open Windows and return to Internet Explorer

11. Once back in Internet Explorer, again Click the Tools option on the main toolbar and, from the drop down menu, Click the Toolbars Option.

12. another drop down menu will appear. From this menu, Click on the Customize option

13. In the Customize Window look at the list in the Available Toolbar Buttons section and Click on the Read Mail option

14. Now press the Add button located between the 'Available Toolbar Button section and the Current toolbar buttons section'

15. The read Mail option will now be added to the Current Toolbar Buttons section.

16. As it stands the Read Mail button will still not be visible on the toolbar. It is actually there, but you will need to click on the > chevron to the right of the screen to extend the toolbar menu.

17. In order for you to make the read Mail icon more prominent, highlight the Read Mail option and then press the Move Up button.

18. If you want the read mail icon to be before the Home button on the main toolbar continue pressing the Move Up button until the Read Mail option is at the top of the list.

19. Finally press the Close button to shut down the Customize window

20. Your Read Mail icon should now be sitting on the main toolbar.

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