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There has been a buzz around about Windows Vista for quite some time and now that it is finally on the shelves, the reactions are mixed as far as the utility and performance of the platform is concerned. Compared to the previous Windows XP/ Windows 2000/98 versions, the Windows Vista certainly takes the cake. Six Windows Vista editions have been launched but the one that scores the highest point based on performance, compatibility and features is the Windows Vista Ultimate.

There are several reasons for the high score and popularity that the Windows Vista Ultimate enjoys and here’s our take on it.

Main Features
Windows Vista Ultimate is built with an ad hoc recovery and backup, IE 7 browser, instant search, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Calendar, Windows e-mail client, Windows Photo Gallery, Internet protocol IPv4 and IPv6 support, performance tuning and self-diagnostics, Windows ReadyDrive, Windows Defender anti-spyware, Windows Security Center, Firewall, meeting space for wireless meetings, XPS document support for PDF, Remote Desktop, peer-to-peer networking, and improved power management and VPN support.

For installing Windows Vista Ultimate, you need to ensure that your computer fulfills the following specifications:

Your computer should have a minimum of 64 MB of memory
The capacity of the Hard disk drive (HDD) should be at least 40GB
The minimum free space on your Hard disk drive (HDD) should be 15GB
The processor in your computer should be at least 1 GHz
The graphics memory should be supported by a minimum of 128 MB RAM that can support
up to 2,756,000 pixels like 1920 × 1200
The graphics card should be DirectX 9 capable GPU with Hardware Pixel Shader v2.0
and WDDM 1.0 driver support
A CD-ROM or DVD drive is a must

Support is as good as it has always been and Microsoft has also added a static FAQ section and one of the top features is that you can automate a solution through execution of a script on the FAQs.

Windows Vista Ultimate is cramped with several individual features but in spite of that, it is able to execute each of the applications very well. Using the Windows Vista Ultimate will also mean that you will be dependent on several Microsoft products or programs.

Why Buy?
The underlying reason for buying Windows Vista Ultimate is definitely the different utilities and individual features but that’s not all: it is robust and its performance is better than any of the other Windows Vista editions.

Where to Buy?
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